Transition growth engines

We are aiming to increase the proportion of capital expenditure in transition growth businesses to more than 40% by 2025 and around 50% by 2030. Driven by five transition growth engines (TGEs), our aim is to deliver earnings of $9-10 billion from these businesses by 2030.


bp has an established global biogas and biofuels business today and we are deepening our investment in bioenergy. We're accelerating biofuels production growth, focusing on sustainable aviation fuel and leveraging our global refining footprint.

By 2030 we aim to increase: Biofuels production to ~100 thousands barrels per day (mbd) - up from 27 mbd today. This includes growing our co-processing volumes at our refineries by three times.

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Convenience is an important part of our transformation. As customers change the way they use our forecourts, our sites will change with them.

To connect more with customers, we aim to increase our customer touchpoints from ~12m a day in 2022 to >15m by 2025 and >20m by 2030 and expand our strategic convenience network (sites that have fuel plus food for now and food for later) to ~3,500 by 2030.

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EV charging

Today bp has 22,000 EV charge points and aims for more than 100,000 by 2030 - around 90% rapid or ultra-fast.

We're developing leading positions in key geographies worldwide, underpinned by partnerships with major fleet operators.

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bp will focus investment on opportunities where it can create integration value and enhance returns. bp aims to build a portfolio – including a global position in offshore wind - in support of green hydrogen, e-fuels, EV charging and power trading.

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bp aims to build a leading position globally in hydrogen, initially supplying its own refineries, scaling up to meet growing customer demand and in parallel, as markets develop, developing global export hubs for hydrogen and its derivatives.

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Frequently asked questions about the activity.

To make an application you must register for an account on the platform. To do that, click the Apply button and you’ll be asked to login. If you have an account login with your email address and password. If you do not have an account click the Register link on the login page and follow the instructions on the page and in the email. Please note; you will nee to be logged in to reply to comments or update your application. The login page is here.

There are no restrictions on type, size or location of companies that want to apply. The primary objective of this activity is to identify and align ourselves with like-minded companies who have solutions that can support bp’s Transition Growth Engines.

bp’s Transition Growth Engines are: Bioenergy, Convenience, EV Charging, Hydrogen, Renewables and Power. These businesses are enabling bp to support the global energy transition and transform from an international oil company to an integrated energy company.

We are looking to work with companies that have innovative digital and physical solutions related to one or more of bp’s Transition Growth Engines.

You’ll receive an automated message to let you know bp has received your information. bp teams will then review your information and determine if your solution is something we’d like to explore in more detail. That determination will be shared with you over email. Even if we decide not to work with you in the short term, we will consider your company and solution for future opportunities and may use your application information to get back in contact with you.

Yes, you can. However, once it is in our review cycle any changes may not necessarily be captured.